avinject 1c pu-foam

Hydrophilic & Solvent free low viscosity polyurethane injection system for moving & nonstructural cracks


  • or sealing of water ingress between tunnel segment joints
  • Screen injection behind tunnel
  • For sealing Moving leaking cracks
  • For waterproofing & non-man accessible sewer
  • Use as  a  1  component  system  for  sealing  wet  & nonstructural
  • Use as a 2 component system with a ratio 1:1 of water for sealing dry, moving, Nonstructural

How To Use it

Avinject 1C PU-foam can be used as a 1 component system for inject into wet condition or as a 2 component system with as a ratio of 1:1 with water for injection into dry cracks.

Safety & Precautions

  • Solvent free nonflammable system, Reach compliant
  • Resistance to thermal movement, Excellent wet dry & freeze thaw cycle without degradation.
  • High tensile & bonding strength.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.


Available in 25 kgs metal Drum


  • Avinject 1C PU-foam is a sensitive to Humidity. Store away from frost & heat in a dry area.
  • Open can shall be finished within 1 month.
  • Shelf life 1 yr.

Technical Data

Remark : Mechanical properties are given as an indication & can vary as per job site & specific condition

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