SL resin 50 is a structural low expansion 2 part high density PU polymer specifically designed to be used in the Ground Engineering civil sector, which – injected into voids beneath concrete slabs, pavements, foundations, walls, etc., – fills the voids, expands modestly and structurally supports structures to design strength. If injected into confined areas (in ground) below structures it will compact the ground and exert modest lift if confined.

Properties & Application

RESIN 50 is a polyol formulation which, mixed in the appropriate ratio with resin 50 hardener, generates a structural void fill with a free rise density between 350 and 400 kg/m', depending on the application method. In situ installed densities maybe as high as 500 kg/m3, confinement dependent. Injection as an in-ground structural resin is a process which compacts the base courses and strengthens support for the slabs or structures, with a minimum of disruption in time and inconvenience, a minimal loss of use and half the cost of replacement.

Injecting resin 50 avoids fixing underlying problems with uneven or settling substrate with mortar soil stabilization which is pumped at low pressure not capable of true soil compaction. It addresses the cause of the problem by high strength void filling, soil compaction and stabilization, erosion control and precise slab lifting.

Resin 50 re-establishes contact between the slabs & structures and soil and is strong enough for heavy traffic or loads as of 0.2 h after the injection.

 Resin 50 can be injected in muddy and wet undergrounds without losing its structural capabilities.

Safety & Precautions

To avoid extensive reaction or scorching, make sure that the component temperature does not go above 40°C and avoid filling large cavities in one application. High temperature formulation with slower reaction and low scorch is available on request. Protect your health! Working with this material, safety goggles, gloves and safety clothing should be worn at all times. While injecting, a full face shield is strongly recommended. Spills and blowouts do happen! Protect yourself and others on the jobsite. Consider covering property in proximity of the application area to prevent loss or damage. Protect your jobsite from unauthorized persons, Store all materials and equipment safely and out of reach of children! Observe container labels, MSDS, and instructions in the Product catalogue before using the product and equipment. In case one of the components comes in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Provide adequate ventilation in volume and pattern in working area. Further protection: emergency showers and eyewash stations


Storage temperature: 10 - 25°C recommended. Storage stability: <36 months for 90% or better reactivity. Longer storage times may result in slower reaction times, but not in reduced mechanical strengths or performance. Resin reaction times can be lowered (made faster) by the addition of appropriate amounts of catalyst. The factory should be contacted for the correct formulation in this regard. Store the material in its original packaging to prevent moisture ingress in a dry well-ventilated area not exposed to direct sunlight and in compliance with local safety requirements.

How To Use it

RES1N 50 should only be used in combination with RESIN 50 hardener, using a two-component volume pump and correct mixing ratio. The component temperature should not exceed 40°C.


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