Avenex sources speciality chemicals and consumables for clients in global markets like India, USA, China and Japan, offering both export and import services by identifying verified retailers and manufacturers in suitable geographies.

Our Story

The firm was founded in 2005 through the partnership of Esprix Technologies and Venus Technochem, to bridge the supply gap in the international chemical sourcing industry. By 2006, Morita Chemicals appointed Avenex as a representative for their fluxes in India.

Presently, Avenex caters to multiple industries, including Defense Chemicals, Ink Jet Media, Toners, Aluminum Brazing Flux, Micro Electronics, Metal Surface, Screen Print, and Fine & Speciality Chemicals. The firm can also fulfill sourcing requests for specialized or new chemicals through an expansive global network of manufacturers.

Our Competitive Advantage

Secure your supply chain with the fastest growing consumables & chemical suppliers and distributors globally.

Market Investigation

Identify new markets and set up sourcing capabilities to meet new or emerging chemical requirements

Global Network

We have been sourcing and delivering fine and speciality chemicals across global markets.

Extreme Due-Diligence

Benefit from established background and quality checks that ensure timely delivery of quality

Growth Partners

Build a secure supply chain with our reliable sourcing and delivery of chemicals for rapid growth

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